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Moved To Japan!!

2011-05-19 03:08:29 by DaZinga

It's a big step in my life, but I have now moved permanently to Japan! Because I am now a qualified English teacher in Japan, I have moved from Australia and taken residence in this beautiful country. I miss Australia already, but hopefully I'll be able to do my best.

And I'll be finishing Legend Of Nintendo 3 when I have time to finish it XD

A torture of a week...

2011-03-29 02:37:05 by DaZinga

Can anyone imagine the stress you get when you lose Internet connection for a week? All the images and sound effects that you need, all the emails you need to reply to and every site you need to visit. Everything GONE! Luckily though I finally got my Internet back and I can get onto the stuff I need to. Luckily my iPhone had Internet though :)

- J.B. Zinger -

Hey people who read these posts!
Well, since my last post I told you guys that it was going to be a difficult task to get some voice actors since none of my friends are interested in this kind of shit. And then I remembered that I can ask people on Newgrounds if they want to do some voice acting for this series and wadda you know? I got some people interested in voice acting for me!!! YAY!!!
And so, to all of you people who kept complaining about putting voices in this series, the third episode is going to have voices! And not the kind of crap voices like Microsoft Sam, REAL PEOPLE VOICES!! I cant tell you who is doing what right now, but I'm sure the viewers will be happy with my work now.
Until then!!

- DaZinga -

Starting on making music videos

2010-08-13 02:47:52 by DaZinga

Don't you just hate it when you go onto Youtube or something and look up a song you just love but they haven't been bothered to make a music video for it. So I decided to not only make original animations but music videos as well. So far I have a couple up my sleeve that could work out well, but only time will tell. Don't worry though, I will still continue with the Legend Of Nintendo series. Although voice acting may be a bit of a problem... Anyways, bye!!

- DaZinga -

Voice Acting in LoN

2010-06-30 05:44:42 by DaZinga

Well, I've heard all the comments and complaints about adding voice acting to the LoN, but I do not have the people to do it, so I have come up with a brilliant idea to get the whole community involved. For those who like my animations and would like voice acting in the episodes, I will be looking for those people who would like to be a voice actor in the LoN.

Unfortunately, I have absolutely no idea how I am going to do it. If you are interested though, please PM me, and we will see what we can do. If you have any questions or want further information about this then also PM me. Until then, I will be thinking about some ideas on how we can get all the voice actors together. Thanks again for the support people!!

- DaZinga -

I have finally completed the second episode of The Legend of Nintendo series!! Please check it out. I have improved many things from the first episode, those including animations in general, better range of music (including music from the Audio Portal), and I added a shit-load more of sound effects and animations techniques. Even though the animation techniques are pretty simple, n00bish ones, they are still in there and that's what counts, right?

Making animations has never been more fun. I really don't know how I didn't discover this before. I have always been interested in animations because I am a humongous anime freak and lover. I think I have seen so many anime's that I don't remember half of the one's I saw and I don't think there is a series that I have not seen and/or read. And now here I am, telling you people about my passion for animations. I seriously don't know how people can not like animations. I mean, most of the people here grew up by watching animations on TV and on the Internet and have enjoyed them. I think this is one of those things that you just have to experience for yourself instead of someone telling you about it. It's like games, you can never seriously love a game that you've never played before and just heard about or seen somebody play. You have to play the game to know if it's a good game or a bad game. Animations are the same, you can only love or hate animations if you watch them and make them for yourself.

For those people that haven't done Flash and animating before, I seriously, seriously recommend it. But maybe you won't like it if you're one of those people that doesn't like to do things for a long LONG amount of time or have a short attention span, because trust me, even crappy animations make ages to make (e.g. mine) depending on the skill of the animator. And I am definitely not a skilled animator as some of the other animators I have seen (e.g. check out the animators that I have favourited). These guys were the main reason that I wanted to start animating and well after days and days and days of practise, I was able to come up with 2 short animations. But I've still got a lot more to learn of the secrets and tricks of animations, and I will try my best to give the public a little something to enjoy in their spare time (that is if you actually watch the animations I make).

Like I say, you always have to have a starting point in something that you love, and for me that starting point was Newgrounds. So cheers, Newgrounds!! And cheers to you that sat here the whole time and read this piece of shit!! Until then, see you and have fun!!!

- DaZinga -


2010-06-04 22:17:18 by DaZinga

Bad news people. I've been banned from my computer for a month because I blew all of our bandwidth before the month ended, so LoN Ep2 will be delayed by at least a month. Sorry people!!!

Undergoing 2nd Episode of LoN

2010-05-21 22:08:56 by DaZinga

Hey! DaZinga here!! Thanks again to all the people who watched LoN (Legend of Nintendo) Ep 1!! I really didn't expect to get this many views (even though it's less than 1000...}. But thank you, I like it when people leave a comment on it, whether it is bad or good, so please feel free to say whatever the hell you like.

Well, the highly(?) anticipated 2nd episode of LoN is undergoing. Progress is a bit slow because I have a lot of other things on my schedule, but I will try and complete it as quick as I can. I want to try and get as much through the story on this episode as I can. And I have taken in some of the comments left on the 1st episode, so I will say this now: I have put in a lot more sound effects and shit after some guy said that I needed at least one sound effect in the 1st episode (even though I did). And some people have been saying to use voices instead of the text. I have thought about this and I have decided to just keep it all in text because it is a lot easier and quicker to do, and I haven't got the people to do the job for me. So, sorry to those people that wanted voices but it's not gonna happen in this series. But I will still try and put in as much effort as I possibly can to give the couple hundred of viewers that watch this series a good laugh.

This next episode may be quite a long one, because like I said I do want to get as much of the story through as I can, so I am thinking it may end up being at least 5 to 10 minutes long, so if you've got a shit-slow computer then watch out.

Oh, and check out my Youtube video as well. Let me just tell you, it has nothing to do with anything on Newgrounds. It's just me playing guitar (that's what I do in my spare time if my computer is fucked), so if you're interested then check it out.
Also if you play KOL (which you probably won't know what it is unless you play it) then feel free to have a chat or whatever. My username is the same as this on Newgrounds.

Well, that's it for the progress report. Thanks again for supporting the series (if you actually do that is...) and look forward to the next episode. DaZinga out!!!

Woot!! First upload!!

2010-04-26 01:28:55 by DaZinga

YEEEEEESSSSSS!!!! I have fixed my Flash, and after weeks and weeks of work I have finally submitted my first flash movie!! I am f**king stoked!!! Come and check it out!!! Hopefully you will enjoy it. Either way, I'm happy.

Anyway, I am now starting the secongdepisode for my series. To be honest I don't know how long this series is going to go for, but I will try my best and hopefully the viewers will be pleased with it. Until then, have fun!!

Oh, damn...

2009-12-16 23:17:39 by DaZinga

Hey everybody!

Well, I'll tell everybody what exactly happened today. There I was continuing on with the animation, when all of a sudden, my Adobe Fireworks CS4 crashes!! I just said "F**k!!" out loud and now every time I try to go into it, it says that there is an "internal error". So now, I'm stuck with this internal error, which means that I can't make any more animated gif's for my Flash!! Oh shit!!

Luckily though, the Flash lagging problem that I had has now being fixed and I can work it fine. However, because Fireworks doesn't work anymore, I can't continue until I re-install it (which will take a while, because I'm sort of a n00b).

It's just one problem after another with me...